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Nature's Abyss

Celebrating Natural Healing & Good Vibes!


Our Products


Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs

New Addition

These items are not only the highest quality, but also comes in a variety of options to suit your needs. All bath salts are charge to be aura cleansing! All salts and scrubs are all natural!!!


100% Soy Wax Crystal Candles

Featured Item

All candles are individually handmade of natural soy wax and herbs. Each candle comes with a natural crystal assured to be cleansed and charged to provide the highest most positive quality! Please note that some crystals may vary due to supply and demand.




These products are one of our most popular. Handmade with natural oils and herbs to assure the highest quality.


Goddess Brew Yoni Steams

Customer Favorite

These products are one of my most popular. Designed to aide in cleansing and rejuvenating woman's reproductive system. Physically and energetically! Handmade with all natural herbs.


Natural Crystals

New Addition

High quality natural crystal gems

Rose quartz benifits.jpg

About Me

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phone: (717)557-7556


In 2019 I started my business making my candles in which became so successful I then started to expand to other products. I am so humble to say Nature's Abyss is growing day by day. What started out as a small hobby to cater to my own spiritual needs then quickly became a passion to help aide in uplifting others spiritually! I personally handmake all of my products. What sets my business aside from the others is the love and positive energy I infuse into my products! I also cleanse and solar/lunar charge all my products to assure that I will provide you with the most high quality, high frequency products. I truly take my time and put a lot of energy into making happy customers and will continue to do so for the more to come! So what are you waiting for? Check out all my products now and receive a extraordinary shopping experience!

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